Ignite Series Part 1 — How to make money doing what you love?

Ignite is an eight-week entrepreneur support programme designed to give you a range of tools, advice, skills development, and opportunities to help you develop yourself and explore your ideas.

This series will help you:

  • Turn your idea into reality
  • Understand how you can experiment with entrepreneurship
  • Get to know the programme before joining
  • Support your programme journey after you joining
Make money doing what you love

Enterprise is not just about starting your own business, being an entrepreneur or working as a freelancer. Enterprise is about coming up with original solutions (ideas) to identified needs (problems) that speak to your heart (passion).

But what if you don’t have an idea, don’t know a thing about business or think you are passionless? Are you still able to try entrepreneurship? The answer is yes.

Dream jobs are more often created than found. And for that reason, conventional searches are rarely the way to go. Nevertheless, their creation requires deep self-knowledge.
Unknown author

A. The first step is to choose a niche — the area in the market that you will focus on — powered by an interest, a dream, a passion. It is important to choose something that you like and will enjoy doing for a long period of time.

If you decide to go for something that will only give you financial gain, in the first challenge, you will give up. So, start thinking about:

  • Your passions and values. Who you are and how you see the world. What gives meaning to your life? Studying, cooking, reading, freedom
  • Talents and skills that you acquired in your life. Activities that you do naturally and that you learned along the way. What are your strengths? Public speaking, dancing, writing

Consider things you do so well that people ask you for help.

B. Think about the activities you see yourself doing that you could spend hours doing, even without being paid. Look out for patterns and common themes, for example, studying, writing, teaching.

C. Which ones are you more likely to monetize? Which ones have benefits that would make people pay you? A problem that you would be able to solve, or a desire that you would be able to fulfil. For example, better health, getting a new skill, stronger online presence…

D. Choose at least three and give them a score from 1–10, based on:

  • Viability: The practical skills that you have to perform the activity. How much do you know about it? Are you confident to start today? Do you have the basic resources to start?
  • Passion: How much do you like it? Would you be okay doing it for several hours every day? Go on to YouTube and search the activity. Do you see yourself doing that?
  • The market: Is there a large number of people interested in it? How many competitors will you have? Are people talking about it? Research keywords related to your idea at answerthepublic.com and trends.google.co.uk

Evaluate your scores and download the worksheet to draft plan of your business idea. It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out. We are here to support you, book a 121 with us.



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